Saturday, March 15, 2014

EPA = you can't build that!

EPA proposes to fine some guy $75,000 a day if he doesn't do whatever they tell him, with a smile. Oh, and he already has a permit to do what he did, on his own land.

The government says he violated the Clean Water Act by building a dam on a creek without a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. Further, the EPA claims that material from his pond is being discharged into other waterways. Johnson says he built a stock pond -- a man-made pond meant to attract wildlife -- which is exempt from Clean Water Act regulations.  

The property owner says he followed the state rules for a stock pond when he built it in 2012 and has an April 4-dated letter from the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office to prove it.

“Said permit is in good standing and is entitled to be exercised exactly as permitted,” the state agency letter to Johnson said.

Now, if I were the guy in charge of  the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office, I'd be on this thing like white on rice. Because if my state-issued permits aren't worth the paper they are printed on, my job is in grave danger.

Anyone have any questions why they are teaching "shelter in place" to your kids? Here's your answer.

The Phantom

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