Friday, February 07, 2014

Positive signs: fearful Greenies.

Cross posted from the comments section of Small Dead Animals today, my comment on the very important thing that just happened in Canada which y'all aren't going to hear about on the news. The link Kate posted comes from the CBC, true enough. But unless you go looking you will not find anything about this.

The Canadian government just took an unprecedented step to protect this country from malign foreign influence. Consider for a second those words: malign, foreign influence.

Meaning people who are not friends of Canada manipulating Canadian media and Canadian election for purposes which do not forward the good of the country. And its been that way since the 1960s at least. Probably longer.

American liberals have been using Canada as a test-bed for their utopian ideas since forever, with the full cooperation and support of the Liberal Party of Canada. Gun control, single payer medicine, ecofreakism on a national scale, crazy labor regulations, leftist education with no math in it, you name it. All this crap comes out of think-tanks in the USA, gets transformed into policy papers and lobby fodder by the Liberal Party affiliated policy mills on Sparks Street in Ottawa, gets adopted after a propaganda campaign by CBC/CTV/Global and the Toronto papers, abysmal results get ignored in favor of the Next Big Idea out of the think tanks.

Canadian governance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York/LA liberal elite. We're their guinea pig.

The Conservative Party of Canada just put a round across their bows. That's as big a notice of political change in this country as you're ever going to see. That's the CPC pointing a gun at their wallets. Whole bunch of well-connected Greenies are out there today sh1tting their collective pants and wondering how they're going to make payroll.

Its not the end of the Greenies. Its not the beginning of the end. But it is the end of the beginning. [puffs on stogie] And its worth a hearty attaboy to the CPC, and a hoist of the celebratory stein to Harper and company for having the guts to go against Big Green in a way that really hits them where they live.

Follow that money and shut off the tap, baby.



Anonymous said...

It's worth an even BIGGER "atta boy" for the SUN News Network and it's fearless, truth-telling prime time host Ezra Levant. He's been making the case for this since the first week that SUN News signed on as Canada's ONLY NON-LEFTIST news channel.


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

It's hard to believe they went through with this.
Let's hope they work up the gumption to deal with property rights some time this century.