Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dept. of Homeland Security prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse. Really.

US government seems to be on a roll for questionable purchases. DHS has posted a new solicitation for ammunition. They want 141,000 rounds of match-grade .308, otherwise know as sniper ammo. Not just any garden variety though, they want Zombie Max!
Can't you see some fat DHS guy just jonesing over this in the Cop Stuff catalog?

According to a solicitation posted on FedBizOpps, the federal agency is looking to procure 141,160 rounds of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition.
Such ammunition is sometimes retailed as “Zombie Max,” a marketing gimmick alluding to its power.

This is plastic tipped, hollow point,  match-grade rifle ammo made to reach out and hurt someone really, really bad at 400 yards plus. DHS will be paying about $1.20 per round, you can get some for about $1.95 each, retail price.
 Yowsa. That's some boom boom, baby.

Question: why does an American POLICE AGENCY need 141,000 rounds of very expensive high grade sniper ammunition? Are they going to use it for practice, like they've supposedly been using all that hollow point 9mm they bought? How many freakin' snipers are they training? Wikipedia says the course of fire for a Marine Corps sniper in training uses maybe three hundred rounds or so. That makes 470 guys they can train up, using super expensive ammo.

Do they think they -need- 470 snipers able to reach out and hurt somebody at 400+ yards? Is there really a Zombie Apocalypse in the works and we just don't know? Is Raccoon City going to be ground zero, and will Alice save all our sorry asses all by her lonesome?

Tune in tomorrow for the Ritual of Denial, when the random DHS spokesbeast will say: "Really, just kidding about the zombie thing folks."

The Phantom

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Alyric said...

I read this article the other day, but I think you missed the real story here, buried at the end of the article (at least I'd never heard this before).

In February last year, Law Enforcement Targets Inc., a contractor that had previously done $2 million dollars worth of business with the DHS, was forced to apologize after producing “no more hesitation” shooting targets which depicted pregnant women, children, and elderly gun owners in residential settings as “non-traditional threats.”

So now the Department of Homeland security is training their agents to 'stop hesitating' to fire on pregnant women, children, and elderly citizens in their own homes. Note that these weren't 'innocent' targets that you aren't supposed to hit. No, they're 'non-traditional threats'. Tea Partiers, I guess.

Oh, and the DHS has enough ammunition stockpiled to kill everyone in America. Half a dozen times. Not to mention armored troop transports. Because... SHUT UP. Clearly nothing to worry about here.

But hey, like Phantom said, let's talk some more about Justin Bieber.

We are so boned.