Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ontario justice system working as planned.

When four punks pull an armed home invasion, wound their victims and have a stand-off with the cops, then spend only two years or so in jail, what is the result out in the World where you and I live?  This is:

TORONTO - Brandi Liles was stunned to learn two of the four Toronto gang-bangers who held her and a former boyfriend at gunpoint nearly eight years ago are dead.

The Windsor woman learned late Monday afternoon that Michael Nguyen, 23, one of the home invaders who changed her life forever, was gunned down at Yorkdale mall over Easter weekend.

And until she spoke to the Toronto Sun a short time later, Liles had no idea Qoheleth Chong, 23, was shot dead four months ago.

"I'm shocked," Liles, 34, said, admitting she has "mixed" feelings about the killings.

"The victimized part of me feels relief, but I also can't help but feel it's just a shame," she said. "I feel sorry for their moms."

Liles wasn't surprised to learn a third home invader, Rowan Atkins, has been busted twice on gun charges since he, Chong and Nguyen — who were only 16 and 17 at the time of the home invasion — were released in 2008 after spending only two years and seven months behind bars.

That's what happens. The sons of beeotches keep doing their usual until they either die or do something to somebody -important-.  At which point the brain-dead liberal judge will allot them a proper jail sentence.

Nice these two got waxed, troubling that one of them got it in the middle of Yorkdale Mall on Easter Sunday. Kinda hard on the bystanders, eh?

The Phantom

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