Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leftists are never sellouts.

From the "Keeping it Real" file, proof that if you have the lefty cred, no one will ever call you a sellout.

Jane Goodall Institute Blend. For fucking real.
I don't know what it is about this that surprises me and makes my friggin' hair stand on end, but it does.
Seen and photographed "in the wild" as it were at Mountain Equipment Coop in Burlington Ontario.

Side note, Mountain Equipment in addition to having been taken over by a pack of rabid eco-fruitcakes, is now also only for small little tiny people. Here I was, all set to drop $300-$400 samoleans on wet suit, bathing suit, paddling jacket and rain suit... and they don't have anything bigger than XL in the place.

Guess I'll just have to spend all that money someplace where the owners aren't a bunch of hipster shit heads.

The Phantom


Black Mamba said...

No f-ing way!

Goodall wants "rights" of some sort extended to her chimps. Well, about that: "The wife and toddler son of Moshi Sadiqi, a park attendant, were collecting firewood in Gombe, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Like many staff families, they lived inside the park.
The pair ventured into the rainforest. Frodo struck without warning. He swung out of the jungle, snatched up the boy and, as the distraught mother looked on, retreated into the trees. Here, Frodo flung his prey against the branches repeatedly, until the boy was as limp as a rag doll. The mother ran for help and park rangers rushed to the scene. Frodo had by this time disembowelled the boy and eaten part of his head."


Lucky for Frodo and Jane he was just some poor anonymous black kid.

The Phantom said...

Lucky for Frodo Mrs. Sadiqui was just some poor black lady and didn't have a .45 handy to blow his chimp ass away. If he'd had a go at a kid of mine there'd be no safe place on Animal Planet for the fucker to hide.

I read the article you linked. According to that, Jane Goodall's own kid spent a significant portion of his childhood locked in a cage so the demons wouldn't get him. He is now a shark fisherman and hates chimps with a purple passion. Perhaps the perfect non-conservationist.

If that's not Heaven's own judgement on Jane friggin' Goodall and her frigged up ideology, I'm a monkey.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Curious that the label doesn't say anything about this being "fair trade" or ethical coffee. So for all we know, it's repackaged Sanka with a nice dime bag when you're done.


On the subject of rights for apes, somewhere on the intertubes there is a belief that one of those sign-language apes tested to an IQ of 91. You can qualify for a 'bamaphone for less than that...