Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Connecticut: Republicans fold like a paper bag.

Connecticut state law makers propose a -bipartisan- bill on gun control that is pretty well exactly what we have here in CanaDuh. License to posess a firearm, license to buy a firearm, license to buy ammunition, registry for gun owners, registry for guns, and special super-duper "education" courses to take if you want the licenses.  Also they get to decide what gun you will buy, nassssty black guns are banned.

Important note for our US friends, tell all the celebrating liberals you know that Canada's crime rate has been utterly unaffected by twenty years of this, and we still have mass shootings up here. Yes, we do. 

Additionally, all the paperwork surrounding the gun issue makes it no fun anymore. You keep your stuff in a closet and don't tell -anyone- what you've got. You don't go hunting and you don't go to the range, because if you do there's more forms to fill out and some apparatchik will be sneering down his/her nose at you the whole time. I have not been shooting in Canada since 1992, because its just not enjoyable anymore. The threat of arrest and jail hangs over everything like the stink of a rotting corpse.

I go shooting in Arizona instead, where you can still go to the range and shoot without having Big Brother demand your papers.

I think the important thing for Americans in this debacle is to realize, finally and for all time, that the Republican Party is no less statist and socialist than the DemocRat party. The whole RINO thing is a myth. The name "Republican" now officially means "Pink Underwear Socialist". That would be the kind of socialist who continues to pretend he wants a smaller government during election season, but pours the coal to it after the election is won. Full steam ahead on the USS Titanic, baby.

Anyone who wants a smaller government and more personal freedom is advised to take note and make your voting plans accordingly. Doing a Tea Party takeover of the Republican Apparat would seem to be Job One, looking at things from Canadastan.

The Phantom In Name Only.

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