Monday, March 11, 2013

Its not security. Its security theater.

From the New York Post, confirmation of what we've been saying since 2001: American airport security is a show put on by idiots, to fool bigger idiots.

A LOT of what we do is make-believe.

I've had to screen small children and explain to their parents I had no choice but to "check" them. I would only place my hands on their arms and bottom half of their legs, and the entire "pat-down" lasted 10 seconds. This goes completely against TSA procedure.

Because the cameras are recording our every move, we have to do something. If someone isn't checked or even screened properly, the entire terminal would shut down, as this constitutes a security breach.

But since most TSA supervisors are too daft to actually supervise, bending the rules is easy to do.

Did you know you don't need a high-school diploma or GED to work as a security screener? These are the same screeners that TSA chief John Pistole and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refer to as a first-class first line of defense in the war on terror.

These are the employees who could never keep a job in the private sector. I wouldn't trust them to walk my dog.

Apparently this is written by a former TSA screener, who would know whereof he or she speaks.

Most TSA screeners know their job is a complete joke. Their goal is to use this as a stepping stone to another government agency.

We work in a culture where common sense has no place. All but a very few TSA personnel know they're employed by a bottom-of-the-barrel agency.

No kidding. The screening system is there to make stupid people feel like the government is Doing Something To Keep Them Safe from the horrible terrorists lurking under every rock and behind every corner. In reality it does -nothing- to keep them safe. When a guy who worked there describes the job as "a complete joke" I tend to take him at his word. Besides, anybody who's ever been through that screening knows its a joke. Not a funny one either.

What's the real reason for the TSA? Graft, kickbacks and union payoffs, I would have to say. I have no -evidence- that such things are occurring of course, but just looking at the whole thing from the outside I can't think of a single other purpose that would justify that much money spent to that little purpose. Somebody is stealing the money, obviously.

Tell you one thing though, the TSA and the American federal government in general has bred up a whole new generation of power-tripping fascist camp guards. These TSA weenies are clearly people who will follow -any- order they're given, no matter how illogical, how ridiculous, or how dangerous. Historically speaking, governments staffed by people like that have not gone on to great success.

Lefties want to bash George W. Bush for something, bash him for letting camp guards take over part of the US government. Won't happen though. The problem with Lefties is that they think the TSA/DHS is a good thing. Because Lefties are stupid.

The Phantom

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