Wednesday, March 06, 2013

DC Comics: shooting themselves in the foot @ 6000 rounds per minute.

Orson Scott Card. Wrote Ender's Game a long time ago. Pretty good story, he's written other things I've read since. Nothing particularly outre or unpleasant about his books, and if he's not on the very cutting edge of awesome he's still eminently readable. A thoroughly uncontroversial author.

Unless you are DC Comics. You see, in his off-duty life Mr. Card it appears holds some deeply troubling beliefs. Oh yes, he's a dangerous one. He actually thinks, and has the gall to say out loud, that a marriage is the joining of a man and a woman in holy matrimony before God!  No boy-boy, girl-girl, boy-girl-girl-girl or girl-girl-pony marriages for this guy, he's a BIGOT!!!

The controversial Adventures of Superman story written by noted homophobe — sorry, "gay marriage opponent" — Orson Scott Card will not see digital nor print release as originally planned following the departure of artist Chris Sprouse from the project.

Confused readers will please note that it is not the -story- which is anti-gay. The story itself hasn't been released, but I have no doubt it is entirely in keeping with DC Comic's radically PC editorial policy. No, it is the author who is being pilloried here.

Once upon a time I collected comics as an adult. I bought all the super hero titles every month, I saved them in the little bags, and I still have a freakin' basement full after moving forty times in the last twenty years. I was into comics.

Three events killed comics for me. First, (chronologically at least) was an issue of something where Captain America killed some character, Flag Smasher I think. They made a big deal out of it. I didn't think it was right. Bad taste in the mouth.
Second, The Death Of Superman. My complete response was: "Oh, come ON!" Then of course he comes back again. Total whoring for sales, no redeeming qualities. Barf.
Third was when the price of a comic hit three dollars in the early 1990s. After that I just stopped caring.

Following that time of course we've had pretty well every major character die at least once, some of them three or four times. We've had Superman's wedding a couple times. We've had Superman's divorce too, I think. We've seen them kill people in ever more bloody and graphic ways. We've seen gay super heroes, we've seen gay super hero's weddings and divorces and deaths and etc.

Ultimately we've seen the comics industry absorbed and assimilated by the PC liberal Borg and turned into just one more propaganda organ for radical Leftyism. And really? Its BORING.

I haven't bought a comic in ages. I sit at Chapters or Barnes & Noble the odd time and read through the titles I used to spend hundreds of dollars on, and I can't find any of them even remotely entertaining. They're awful, in short. And I wouldn't let a child within a hundred yards of a comic book store these days. Any possible perversion or combination of animal/vegetable/mineral can be found drawn in loving detail in the pages of modern comics. Its like they expend all their waking moments trying to come up with the most disgusting possible thing to top the disgusting thing they did last week. A veritable Olympics of objectionable insanity.

So now we have these comic book industry geniuses performing the ultimate inside-out, ano-cranial inversion of reality: the public pillorying of a man for the CRIME of saying out loud that marriage is for one man and one woman, for life. No gays, no polygamy, no ponies, no divorce.

Notice to DC Comics: the next comic I buy will be the Orson Scott Card authored story. I will buy no other DC comic but that one. I hope this makes things perfectly crystal clear to you.

The Phantom


Black Mamba said...

Phantom, could I link this over at Blazing Cat Fur? Your comic-nerdy insights strike me as topical.

The Phantom said...

Absolutely. Culture is where the war is being fought.

Black Mamba said...


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Comics have taken a downturn in the past few years. I used to read them when I was a kid but now I doubt I can get back into them. It's bad enough that writers take the characters into strange directions but when they get political they just ruin the comics for everyone.

The Phantom said...

The "NorthStar's Wedding" example Black Mamba used over at Blazing Cat Fur is pretty much what we're getting from Marvel and DC these days. That and lots of arching blood spray from people getting cut with bug swords.

XMen is completely unreadable at this point. I flipped through one last month at the book store, it didn't even have a storyline really. The characters are all weird too.

And now they're half the size they used to be, to boot. Terrible rip off.