Thursday, September 06, 2012

Yes we guessed right, they are crazy as a bag of weasels.

Earlier we were treated to news that a British rural home owner was arrested after he shot two men out of the four that were robbing his house. Didn't kill them mind you, just gave them a buttload of bird shot which encouraged them to run away.

The couple were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm after the legally-owned shotgun was fired.

Yep, he got robbed, middle of the night, middle of nowhere, police response time probably half an hour on a good day, four of them. Oh, and the couple has been robbed several times previously, by the way. So much that they were going to move to Australia to escape it. Cops arrested and charged the HOME OWNERS. Awesome eh?

That's what we here at Chez Phantom like to call batshit crazy. Because it is. By the way that "legally owned shotgun" thing in there is the newspaper boilerplate/dog whistle thing for "EVIL GUNS MUST BE BANNED!!!"

Well today there's an update! The victim's names are now given as Andy and Tracey Ferrie, from Welby, Leicestershire. The Crown has decided in it's infinite wisdom to drop the charges. Most likely because the tidal wave of phone calls and email from the local MPs office down to the local street sweeper convinced them that pursuing such a prosecution would be bad for their health.

The question of sanity however has been answered. British judges and Crown officials ARE batshit crazy, just like we've all been saying. Check this out:

A judge [pictured here looking fully like the idiot he clearly is] praised burglars for their 'courage' and claimed prison 'very rarely does anybody any good' as he allowed a serial intruder to walk free from court.

Judge Peter Bowers said burglar Richard Rochford deserved to be jailed for two-and-a-half years but he decided to take an 'extraordinary chance' by not locking him up.

Recognising the controversy he was causing, the judge added: 'I might get pilloried for it.'

So just in case anyone out there was wondering why Andy and Tracey got tossed in the slammer for not allowing the nice burglars men to take their TV, that's why. Burglars are an officially sanctioned protected group. Message received.

As Kathy Shaidle says," Dear Luftwaffe: Come back, all is forgiven."

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