Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"Sending a message" union style.

Public Employees Union head put the Dem twist on the empty chair gag.

The newly-elected president of the giant public workers' union AFSCME, Lee Saunders, took a page out of Clint Eastwood's book at an Ohio delegation Labor Day breakfast on Monday, speaking to an empty chair that he pretended was occupied by Eastwood. At first it was just a lark.


Suddenly, the tone changed: Saunders, finishing his speech, began to kick the chair, threw it, and yelled "Dirty Harry, make my day! We're gonna kick ass in November!"

The crowd was cheering, and the humor had gained a palpable edge. "We wanted to respond to the nonsense that he did last week," Saunders said later. "We're here to have fun but we're here to work, too, so we thought we were sending a message."

Message reads: SHUT UP old man or we'll bust you up!

Stay classy, Dems.

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