Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Finally, a rescue plan for Detroit the whole population can take part in.

The plan? Zombie theme park.

Derelict areas of Detroit face being taken over by hordes of 'flesh and brain-eating zombies' if an ambitious business plan takes off.

Entrepreneur Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park 'Z World' on Motor City's run-down and abandoned streets.

Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors [or whoever they scraped off the street outside that morning] and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.

Shouldn't have much trouble getting actual zombies to stock the place with, Detroit's got thousands. No word if its going to be live-fire, but I wanna try out my Zombie Blaster shotshells. KaBOOM baby!

The Phantom Zombie Hunter

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