Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As foretold, Big Brother will now be groping you at the bus station.

Predictably, starting first in California.

Footage shot at the Oceanside Transit Center in Southern California documents how the rollout of TSA workers is expanding out of the airports and into train stations and bus terminals. The clip shows TSA inspectors standing with police and drug-sniffing dogs. The TSA agents told the film maker that he was still allowed to take video and photos at the train station but may get "questioned" for doing so.

There were about six or seven TSA agents patrolling the station according to the uploader of the video.

The Transportation Security Administration was embarrassed earlier this year when Houstonians revolted over a program that would have seen TSA workers routinely ride city buses in the name of spotting terrorists and criminals.

Its going to be -really- interesting to see how TSA managers "handle" Phoenix Arizona, where every third person legally carries a big freakin' pistol. And/or a knife, taser or other stunner, pepper spray, New York reload for their main piece (that's another gun, for those of you not up on your self-defense slang), fold up baton, sword cane, ... the variations are many. And I've seen them all at the local supermarket hanging off some soccer mom's belt, one time or another.

Mr. Colt says "Don't touch my junk, man!"

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

In Buffalo, NY, the Occupiers(!) want City Council to pass a city government drone ban.

I would have preferred some kind of citizen's group doing this, but anything is better than nothing.

The Phantom said...

Guess they didn't get the memo. :)