Sunday, July 22, 2012

Comments on Aurora coverage.

Just got back from Boston, where I was subjected to just a tiny bit of the media "coverage" of the atrocity at Aurora Colorado. Channel surfing yielded noting but wall-to-wall talking heads interviewing each other about how terrible it all was and how little information there was, plus the usual Food/HGTV/Discovery/History channel canned programs. And Nickelodeon. So I had my choice of massacre TV, "reality" TV on tape, or cartoons.

I chose cartoons.


A) Colorado is too far for me to drive over and lend a hand.
B) The "news" stations had exactly ZERO useful information for me beyond the bare fact that Something Bad happened in Aurora.
C) I have enough violent, tragic shit stored up in my poor old brain to last me a lifetime already, most of it from Hollywood movies and the mainstream "news" coverage. I totally don't need to subject my frayed last nerve to one more lunatic acting out his malfunctions in the real world.
D) I already know pretty much word-for-word what the talking heads are saying. They're blaming the Tea Party, Republicans and the NRA. Sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly.
E) None of them are going to tell the truth. Which is that this kind of massacre only happens in liberal cities that are threat-free zones for criminals and lunatics.

We are never going to hear about the real fallout from this atrocity. It'll be off the radar as soon as the liberal politicians and the media figure they've wrung the last bit of propaganda juice out of it, or when the next shiny thing comes along.

My condolences and prayers to the wounded and the bereft. My offer of aid to any affected, should there be something my skills can provide.

A sneer and the back of my hand to the whinging media freaks and leftist propaganda chefs trying to conjure up support for their failed policies out of this preventable example of their policy, failing.

The Phantom

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