Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who to blame here?

At this time (1:38pm Wednesday Mar. 21st 2012) the French cops are said to be lined up ready to rush the guy who shot a bunch of people around Paris lately. The list of atrocities is not edifying, so I shall not include them. Suffice to say he's a rabid dog in need of a bullet.

Initially the media was speculating this was another Lars Vilks deal, news now says he's French, and/or Al Qaeda, escaped from Afghan jail and/or let go by the USA, and/or under surveillance by the French for several years, blah blah blah.  Naturally this puts the media in the uncomfortable position of having to chose which of their sacred cows to gore in the assigning of blame.

For me, this is easy. I just blame the media. Kids and teacher shot at school = gun-free zone, blame liberal media. Paratroopers shot while unarmed (by law), blame liberal media. Unsecured know fruitloop running around free, blame liberal media.

Why? Because gun control is THEIR policy. Lenient to the point of insanity sentencing of known criminals is THEIR policy.

That's why.

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Knight 99 said...

Liberal Progressivism has disarmed our societies and opened our borders to all the worlds’ hateful bigots and racists.

They have disarmed us physically, mentally, and emotionally as a society and opened the gates to the barbarian hordes of the world.

They are now actively taking our ability to speak freely against this abuse of our own cultures, traditions, laws, and foundational values.

They are the enemy within, who has allowed and nurtured a Muslim terrorist to live freely in western society who then kills 7 defenceless unarmed citizens at will.

Do you blame the Pit-bull for killing a child, or the owner who let it off its leash? The gorilla who escaped from its cage or the attendant who left the cage door open?