Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is Starbucks Appreciation Day.

As relayed by The Captain at Kate McMillan's Small Dead Animals, today is not just Valentine's Day. It is also Starbucks Appreciation Day.

Apparently some hoplphobe gun grabber outfit approached Starbucks about not serving gun owners, and Starbucks told 'em to push off. Very out of character for a Seattle based outfit, and a welcome change from the usual behaviour we have come to expect from Corporate America. I would guess that an accountant deep in the bowels of headquarters compared the number of  true-believer gun control fanatics to the annual gun sales in the USA, and went with the bigger figure.

So, for returning to profitability and common sense over pie-in-the-sky utopian whackoism, The Phantom applauds Starbucks and says to all you faithful out there: "Go buy a coffee."  Make mine a double cappuccino with extra caffeine please, still haven't got my motor running this morning.

The Decaffeinated Phantom

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