Wednesday, February 01, 2012

fun and useful hack, tiny display.

From Hack-A-Day, this excellent hack of a cheapie little 1.5" display.

Little, no name, 1.5 inch LCD photo key-chains are all over the place for practically nothing. Not too surprisingly these things do not vary much in the parts that they use, some flash ram, a little lipo battery and a 16 bit color LCD. Wanting to find a way to reuse that LCD [Simon] Has an excellent tutorial on how to reuse a FTM144D01N LCD with a ILITEK ILI9163 LCD driver for your electronic projects.

What I like about this article is it shows you how to figure out the display's logic from scratch. Using this guy's method most any small display of unknown provenience can be used to do something fun.  I've been thinking those cheapie picture frame displays would be nice to use for something, but there are never any drivers for them.

Now we can write our own. Yay!

The Phantom

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