Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About freakin' time, dudes.

CPC FINALLY keeps their promise and kills the gun registry.

The Harper government's controversial bill to end the long-gun registry has passed the House of Commons, marking the end of a long political battle over one of the most controversial law enforcement measures in recent memory.

The bill passed easily, by a margin of 159 to 130, as the Conservatives used their majority in the House secure passage of the bill, which now goes to the Senate where the Conservatives also have a majority. The Senate hearings are expected to take several weeks before the bill is passed into law.

I've been waiting for this since Kim Campbell ramrodded C-17 through, the original "assault weapons" ban of 1991 and the beginning of Alan Rock's gun registry ambitions.

Twenty years is a LONG F-ING TIME TO WAIT, O great CPC overlords. I'd appreciate it if y'all would get the lead out so I can go shooting this spring.

The Phantom

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