Sunday, December 04, 2011

Time to point and laugh at the Fruitfly Guy.

I spotted this wail of anguish by Dr. David Suzuki at Borque Newswatch and had to post it.  Seems the good doctor is displeased. Seems that his limpet-like grip on the national media has been challenged by those dastardly upstarts, SUN TV [booooo, hissssss].

In one of those "revolving door" scenarios that the Greenpeace research highlights, Kory Teneycke left his position as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's communications director to join Sun TV before its launch. Several reporters who were considered for positions at the TV channel have said that Teneycke told them part of their job would be to go after me. Sun Media has also campaigned to have the David Suzuki Foundation's charitable status removed. Of course, one of Sun TV's major personalities, Ezra Levant, has strong ties to the Harper government. He also launched the "ethical oil" campaign, which was taken over by Alykhan Velshi, who was recently hired as Stephen Harper's planning director.

Yeah, those fascist bastards! This is nothing like what Suzuki and friends have been doing with the Liberal Party and the CBC for thirty years! Right? ... Right?

Alas poor Fruitfly, I knew him well.

The Phantom

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