Sunday, December 04, 2011

McDonald's update: Justice is served.

By an amazing fluke, the kid who served up a heaping helping of whup-ass on two counter jumpers at McD's is cleared of all charges.

The McDonald's cashier arrested for his supersized smackdown of two women who came around his counter to pick a fight has been cleared of all charges.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was expected to be released from Rikers Friday night.

Prosecutors said a grand jury heard testimony for 11 days and voted to toss the case.

"We asked that Mr. McIntosh be released," Assistant District Attorney Jaime Hickey-Mendoza said.

What the assistant DA meant to say was that the cops found out McIntosh was an ex-con they threw the book at him. The Grand Jury sat there for 11 days being lectured to by all manner of authorities who tried to make this McIntosh guy look like Satan, then at the end of it all told cops, experts and lawyers to shove it up their asses. Clear case of self defense, the two women could have stabbed, shot or even beat him to death (because they could have grabbed that steel bar first, right?), he did the Right Thing.

The sad thing here is that the guy's been in the slammer ever since this thing happened, and all the evidence required to make this call is on the video.  He defended himself. He stopped hitting them when they stopped trying to get at him. That's all there is to it.  Anything else is Monday morning armchair quarterbacking, and that's just unacceptable in a free country.

Armchair quarterbacks are the enemy. Do not let them win.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

I heard about this story way back when it was linked on Drudge, and dear god, the article was so biased it was OFFENSIVE.

Here's the link:

"Savage attack" at McDonald's - and of course, according to the article, it's the guy defending himself who's responsible for the so-called attack, despite the fact that all the details necessary to determine it was self-defense are right there in the same article.

And of course, he lost his job.

Nothing says 'crazed barbarian who needs to be fired' like a guy defending himself from two psychotic bitches trying to murder him after he didn't accept their counterfeit $50.

If you don't see the problem there, you might be a liberal.

The Phantom said...

Hi Alyric. Yeah, the TV piece was about as fucked up as anything I've ever seen. The guy behind the counter is the "savage attacker", as if.

But gee, why do we think that New York City is the fucked up mess that it is, where stupid women feel butch enough to jump the counter and slap the fry-guy around? Because the asshole who wrote that TV piece has clones of him/herself all through the city and state government, is why. There's crime sure enough, but no punishment.

I used to live there. You can't talk to a New York liberal. They are impenetrable. You have to beat them with a 2x4, that's what it takes to get their attention. Really.

George said...

Good on him, but he is hardly a kid at 31.

The Phantom said...

Hey George. He's a kid compared to me... bwaha!