Thursday, March 03, 2011

We get letters...

Here at the fabulous Soapbox we (royal "we", anyway) get the odd comment that can't be left to the comment section.  No, these special comments need full examination.
Couple days ago I posted that when the CEO of 3M corporation asks the President of the USA "Who is John Galt?!!!" and right up in his face to boot, that's a remarkable event.
Well didn't someone named "liberal supporter" make the following comment:

Wasn't John Galt the guy who "goes Galt" when he doesn't get his way. You know, like going on strike?

Meanwhile, that bastion of fiscal rectitude, Rob "stop the gravy train" Ford, is now revealed. He only wanted to stop the gravy train to change drivers, add a few cars (including an extra dining car). And who should pay for this? Why somebody else, as it always is from the far right. Privatize the gains and socialize the losses, right?


So I answered him/her/it.

Probably a mistake, but I figure usual troll so, whatever.

Last night I get this biiiig long thing, the salient bits of which are:

Typical fright wingers.
tax breaks for the rich,
take pleasure in sneering at anyone less fortunate
impose the fascist agenda you promote
the far right agenda
the far right in the US

But this here is the capper, the piece du resistance as it were:

Too bad you can't refute my argument and have to resort to ad hominem, and now I see, comment moderation. Typical.

Of course I can't refute that.  Its not an argument.  Its a smear.  Its a handful of monkey shit flung from the tree tops. "You're a FASCIST!!!"   I'm supposed to say "Am not!!!" so monkeyboy can shriek "Are too!!!" and fling some more shit.  This is the entire strategy of the modern Left.  Shrieking and flinging shit.  Working great in Wisconsin, eh?

All there is for me to do is say "Hey, look at the frickin' liberal!"
Its almost as good as a day at the zoo.  Added bonus, no smell.

The Phantom

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