Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Christie Blatchford on Sunday's shenanigans in Caledonia.

Alternate title: "The cops ain't the cavalry, son."

How fitting that the report of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on the policing of the G20 should be released on the fifth anniversary of the native occupation in Caledonia, Ont.

The same organization now screaming for a full-scale public inquiry into alleged abuses – particularly, the troubling breach-of-the-peace arrest authority used over that June weekend – was and continues to be absolutely silent about similar and worse abuses that occurred in the small town just south of Hamilton, just a few klicks from the Six Nations reserve.

As the professional Lefty human rights industry in this country continues to resolutely look the other way on Caledonia, Christie continues to kick them square in the balls at every opportunity.

For myself, I did not go.  I admit cowardice, I do not want to be on the "enemies of the OPP" list. And make no mistake, everybody who showed up there Sunday has a file on them today.

H/T to Caledonia Wake Up Call and kudos to Gary McHale for having the event in the first place.

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