Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Yes, we really really are winning.  Check it out, an article about guns at HuffPoo.

When your children go to college what do you pack to send with them?

You probably include their clothing, some sheets and towels, a laptop computer and maybe a small refrigerator or microwave.

But, how about a gun?

Don't be shocked. It's not that farfetched. And guns could be coming to a college campus near you.
In the aftermath of several campus shootings in recent years and the gun fueled violence in Arizona that killed 6, wounded 13 and incapacitated Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, there is a movement to give college students and their professors the right to carry weapons onto campus.

Oh my GAWD!!!!  Guns, in our schools!  EEEEEK!

Ok, so she goes through all the fricking Brady Bunch boilerplate.  But then there's this little bit at the bottom:

Truth be told I'd like to see all guns - from small handguns and glocks to rifles and semi-automatic types - melted down and used for scrap.

Tra-la-lah! Wouldn't it be a wonderful world that found no need for guns at all? My logical brain tells me that is never going to happen.

Holy crap my friends, she admits to having a logical brain. Are you kidding me?

So, the question becomes do we run the risk of regulating gun ownership so much that the responsible people among us decide it isn't worth the hassle of multiple classes, training sessions and big fees to get a license? When that happens only police and the bad guys will have guns. And as we all know the police can't be everywhere.

Double plus holy crap my friends, the cops can't be everywhere?!!!!  OMG!

Dependable Americans with permits already carry their weapons into shopping malls, banks, churches and grocery stores among countless other places every day. Why should a university campus be any different?

 Some Americans can be [gasp!] "dependable"?  Who ARE you?!!!

Final facts to ponder: A group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus reports that over 70 American campuses currently allow licensed guns. There hasn't been a single reported instance of shoot-outs, accidents or heated confrontations with a gun involved at any of them. In fact, statistics show the crime rate at Colorado State University has gone steadily down since concealed carry was enacted.

Yes friends, a LEFTY at the Huffington Post just let mere facts sway her judgment about guns.  In writing.
Truly, a sign of the apocalypse.  Be on the lookout for four weird looking guys on horseback.

The Shocked and Stunned Phantom

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