Friday, April 02, 2010

You are too stupid to chose your own car.

No, really. You are. You are SO f-ing stupid that not only can't you chose the right kind of car to drive, you can't even figure out how much you should be driving it.

So, because you people are such utterly brain damaged morons, Barry, The One, has magnanimously decided that HE will decide what kind of car YOU are going to drive.

Predictably, the Times of London LOVES this idea. They can't get enough!

For decades they have thundered along America's highways and choked up parking lots, a symbol of extravagance unchallenged by politicians, emissions standards or common sense.

They are the four-wheel-drive behemoths known to the US Government as "light trucks" and to consumers as SUVs (sport utility vehicles) — but their easy ride as the world's most conspicuous mobile polluters ended this week.

In a coup that achieves something President Clinton promised but never delivered, President Obama has forced the big three US car makers, and their unions, to accept tough mileage rules for cars and SUVs. The rules will cut emissions from vehicles by more than a third over the next four years.

Yes friends, starting in 2016 you will be purchasing some little tiny sheise-auto (that's German for shit-mobile) which gets 30 miles per gallon. It will be called an SUV, but it will be a four-banger sardine can.

Because YOU are STUPID. You must be controlled.

And because he had to announce something to get that off-shore oil drilling off the front page.


Aureus said...

I was rearended on the Gardiner Expressway last month. The trailer hitch on my 08 Silverado 1500HD tore a strip out of the 4-cylinder econobox's engine right to the firewall. The small light-footprint high-gas-mileage butterfly buggy was totalled. My truck needed a new trailer hitch and liftgate.

In my truck, my family is safe from everyone else. If the Government wants to tax me through the roof for driving a 13-mpg truck, no problem.

The Phantom said...

Honda Pilot got rear-ended by a mini-van with a PT Cruiser sandwiched in the middle.

Pilot, one bent body strut, one bent exhaust pipe, one new rear bumper shell, driver (not me) didn't know they had been hit until told so by the back-seat passenger.

Mini-van full of kids, no visible damage, no injuries.

PT Cruiser? Write-off, totally crushed front and rear. Plus the driver had a broken wrist from the air-bag.

I like BIG iron. But I am too stupid to be trusted with something as important as choosing what kind of car I drive. I must be -controlled-.

Tell you what, if Barry keeps going the way he is, FEMA or the EPA are going to show up in the driveway with a tow truck down there.