Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gun control working as expected in Mexico

Note to Count Iggula and Taliban Jack: be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

In a bold predawn attack, gunmen stormed a hotel Wednesday in the heart of the northern city of Monterrey and kidnapped at least three people, officials said.

Mexican media said up to 50 hooded gunmen arrived in a convoy and burst into the downtown Holiday Inn, seizing guests and employees.

Law enforcement officials, offering only scant details by late afternoon, said it was not immediately clear whether a fourth person was seized or how many gunmen took part in the 3 a.m. attack. Authorities offered no motive for the kidnappings, but the attack bore the hallmarks of Mexico's drug gang violence.

Monterrey's mayor, Fernando Larrazabal, said police had trouble reaching the scene because the attackers commandeered cars and used them to block surrounding streets. Larrazabal told a radio interviewer that the kidnappers had disappeared in less than 20 minutes.

Picture 50 bikers with AK47s kidnapping people out of a hotel in downtown London Ontario. That's what this is.
Mexico has gun controls that dictate jail time for possession of two or three rounds of .22 rim fire ammunition. Plenty of American tourists have spent time in Mexican jails because of this. Yet, you've got drug gangs that can field 50 men at whim, armed and happy to shoot it out with the cops.
But our moral superiors in the Liberal, NDPee and Bloc parties tell us that if guns aren't registered, the world will come to an end.

Hmmmmn. Could be maybe our wonderful opposition leaders are being less than... candid?

The Phantom

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