Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some salt for that wound, sir?

Drill baby, drill!


The Phantom


Anonymous said...

Phantom have a great headline! I appeciate 'the salt in the wound ' inference ;)
Everyone just seems so comfy at Kates,eh?


The Phantom said...

Hi Bluetech. I just LOVE it when these Democrats rip the sheets off and show you what's really going on.

What's really going on here is the Dems don't give a good goddamn about the greenies. Them greenies just got a mega wake-up call, Barry is just the guy to sell the national parks to strip miners. He'd do it.

The Dems want drilling AND they want cap and trade so they can control more of the economy, raise taxes and use the cappy trady thing to misdirect funds into their own pockets. Greenies? HA! As if.