Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Laws are for the Little People

The Obama White House steams onward at full speed into new, uncharted waters in search of more/better/different sources of propaganda. This time its the NEA in a conference call. As the author says, the silence of the mainstream media is deafening.

Another conference call has materialized, revealing a concerted effort by government to use the arts to address political issues.

Lee Rosenbaum, a blogger for Artsjournal.com, posted her experience with a meeting that occurred on August 27th and confessed that she also felt “uneasy” about the government’s arts effort. The meeting invitation (viewable here) went out to all “member local, state, and regional arts agencies, community-based arts organizations, and national partners of Americans for Arts.” Americans for Arts is a non-profit arts organization that has received substantial grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.

But there is more fun!

Even more disturbing than learning that the White House and NEA are using the arts to address specific issues, is to learn what was discussed on this new conference call. Rosenbaum mentions that there was much talk of “leveraging federal dollars” to get artists and cultural organizations involved in social-service projects.
Yes friends, you can use your National Endowment for the Arts grant to make propaganda for The One. Which will no doubt ensure that you get another, bigger grant for your next crucifix-in-pee display.

From the comments, the best comment of the day:
"If I put a Hope and Change sticker in a glass of urine - will they pay me?"

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