Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just how partisan is the media, anyway?


Remember the frothing outrage over Bush's continuing the ban on press being present as caskets were received?  You're supposed to forget that now.  Democrat in the White House y'know.

In April of this year, the Obama administration lifted the press ban, which had been in place since the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Media outlets rushed to cover the first arrival of a fallen U.S. serviceman, and many photographers came back for the second arrival, and then the third.

But after that, the impassioned advocates of showing the true human cost of war grew tired of the story. Fewer and fewer photographers showed up. "It's really fallen off," says Lt. Joe Winter, spokesman for the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where all war dead are received.
"It seems that if the weather is nice, and it's during the day, we get a higher level of media to come down," says Lt. Winter.

Now that a Republican is no longer the president,  nobody except the AP seems willing to shift themselves to cover the honored dead as they come home from the war.  As Byron York says,

With casualties mounting, the debate over U.S. policy in Afghanistan is sharp and heated. The number of arrivals at Dover is increasing. But the journalists who once clamored to show the true human cost of war are nowhere to be found.

Yea, verily.

The Phantom

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