Sunday, July 13, 2008

Segregation BAD... except when its GOOD.

More evidence the people who run the BC Human Rights Tribunal/Commission
are batshit crazy:
> The B.C. Hu-man Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint by two
> members of the Indo-Canadian community who were denied membership in a
> Burnaby Sikh temple because of their social ranking in India's caste
> system.
> Gurshinder Sahota and Sohan Shergill said they were discriminated
> against by the Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Temple because they belong to
> a higher caste in the traditional system of social ranking than do
> temple members.
So my friends, it is now ok to discriminate against people based on
caste in Canada. One very important thing to know about in this case is
that _/*SIKHISM DOES NOT RECOGNIZE CASTE*/_. One of the reasons the
Sikh religion was founded in the first place was to get rid of the Hindu
caste system. Another big reason was to fight off the Muslims, but I

Getting back to the BCHRC decision,
> The tribunal dismissed the complaint for two reasons: First, it found
> it does not have jurisdiction over temple membership; and, second,
> citing a prior decision regarding the United Native Nations, it agreed
> that the temple should be allowed to restrict membership to a minority
> group in order to promote the group's welfare.
So just to be clear:
-it is NOT ok to have a men-only social club, because that's sexist.
Complaining about women-only clubs is also sexist.
-It is NOT ok to have a White's only or Christians only golf club,
because that's racist. Jews-only golf clubs are not racist, unless
Israel is in the news that day.
-It is NOT ok for the Catholic Church (or any Christian church) to
refuse to conduct weddings for same sex couples because that is
homophobic. Don't even think of complaining about other religions
refusing, because that's racist!
-It is NOT ok to mock Islam, even though it IS ok to mock Christianity,
because...well just because the BCHRC said so, damnit, so suck it up.
-It IS ok for Dalits to refuse to admit Jats into their Gurdwara, even
though Sikhism itself forbids this, even though it is unfairly
discriminatory against Jats, and even though the caste system itself is
inarguably evil and has caused a thousand years of misery in India and
all those Indian guys came here to Canada to get away from it.

Everybody got that? Me neither.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

LOL... and bravo!
Well put.

The Phantom said...

Thanks Brent!