Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How does a Brontosaurus know when its been shot in the ass?

In Media Dinosaur news today, Paramount Pictures has lost its funding deal with Deutche Bank.  Or walked away, depending who you talk to.  Oddly, the people saying "walked away" all seem to work for Paramount.

Opinions on the cause may vary, but the bottom line is nobody wants to lend Paramount half a billion dollars ($450 mill, close enough eh?) to make movies this year.  Last year they were lining up with cash in duffel bags, this year not so much.  As Deadline Hollywood notes:  "After all, if it hadn't been for DreamWorks, DreamWorks Animation, and now Marvel, and also Steven Spielberg, the Paramount balance sheet over the past 2 1/2 years would be a total disaster area." 

From the horse's mouth to the Phantom's ear.

The Phantom Dinosaur Hunter

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