Friday, July 11, 2008

Britian: Land of the Insane.

Ye Olde England, land of gun bans, where the top judge in the land was recently heard to say that maybe Sharia law should be above British law sometimes, has proven today to be populated by insane idiots.  All the other evidence is as nothing compared to this.

Yes friends, in a country where you can't look out your kitchen window without being imaged in real-time by a police camera, people are freaking out about Google StreetView.  Google is employing "spy cars" no less, to take pictures of streets in England, just like they did in the USA already to absolutely no ill effect anyone can see.  The USA being that country where the cops do NOT have fricking CCD spy cameras every 30 feet in every city, town, village and fricking cross road in the country, and where Constable Plod does NOT scold you from a loudspeaker for dropping a gum wrapper or taking an emergency piss in a secluded corner.

Without even a shred of irony, the Daily Mail titles their article

Big Brother: The Google cars that will photograph EVERY front door in Britain

Holy crap, a private company is going to take a picture of your house, once

The internet giant's StreetView website will allow anyone in the world to type in a UK address or postcode and instantly see a 360-degree picture of the street.

It will include close-ups of buildings, cars and people. Critics say the site is a 'burglar's charter' that makes it easy for criminals to check out potential victims.

The pictures also show people leaving and entering hospitals, health clinics, adult shops and hotels. Although their faces are deliberately blurred, many could still be recognised by their clothing and hair colour.

Wow, its the end of the friggin' world, innit?  I mean, somebody might <gasp!> SEE me!  In public!!! Aieee!

Look, there's a picture of some guy wearing a jacket that looks kinda like mine, walking out of Dirty Joe's Porno Emporium and Dry Cleaner's Shop.  AIEEEE!!!!

Robbers will be able to go online and see exactly what they would be able to see driving by on the street!  Except by the time they see it on-line I may have moved, or gotten a different car, or painted the house, or...  AIEEEEEEE!!!!!

Or my absolute favorite Really Bad Thing, "The site has even been used by teenagers arranging unauthorised (sic) swimming parties in unoccupied homes."  Oh gawd not SWIMMING PARTIES, we're all gonna DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

They are all insane.  Gibbering, slobbering, incontinent lunatics.

The Phantom

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