Thursday, December 08, 2005

With 100% perfect predictability, the Liberals propose a handgun ban.

From the Canadian Press by way of and LUFA, plus the radio this morning, the Liberal's solution to this year's shootings in Toronto is to ban handguns.

Prime Minister Paul Martin will venture into a violence-plagued area of Toronto on Thursday to announce a sweeping ban on handguns, The Canadian Press has learned.

Martin was scheduled to visit Toronto's troubled Jane-Finch area to make a ``safer communities announcement.'' Liberal sources have confirmed the announcement includes an ``outright'' ban on handguns.

However, there will be exceptions for competitive target shooters, gun collectors and peace officers, a Liberal insider said on condition of anonymity. The source would not explain any more details of the policy proposal.

From the National Poost:

There will be some exemptions, including maintaining the right for police to carry handguns. The Prime Minister is also expected to announce a significant increase in resources for police to deal with the ban.

The Liberals say the thinking behind this crime strategy is that if no one is allowed to have a handgun in Canada, policing authorities will be in a better position to act on anyone who has a handgun or attempts to transport or sell a handgun.

The announcement will include the banning of all registered handguns in Canada. However, sources say special arrangements will be made for gun collectors.

As of 10:15 AM today Paulie hasn't said anything about it, but we shall see.

At any rate, this is 100% predictable, and I've been predicting it since the bloody registry was hatched.  The only rational purpose for the gun registry (other than graft!) is to supply a list of guns for confiscation.  My other prediction is somewhat more serious, the only rational reason for confiscation is to prevent the citizenry from shooting back during some government outrage.

I guess there's more riding on a Harper victory than we thought.  Go Conservatives!

The Phantom

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Candace said...

Honest-to-God, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-diep-if-I-lie (wow, it's been far too long since I said THAT), if the Libs get back in, I, a dyed-in-the-wool gun-hater, will become a target shooter.

This is just getting weirder & weirder, isn't it? (I'd say 'scarier & scarier' but it's Martin vs. Harper, so I can't).

yikes... break out the tinfoil.