Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hegemonic masculinity, forsooth!

Exhibit A of the argument that Liberals must be expunged from all levels of government and education, we have this remarkable article at the Glob and Snail today, by one Mr. Rinaldo Wallcott.  The subject is gang violence as it relates to the "Black family", or what's left of it tin Hogtowns crappier neighbourhoods.  I post snippets here, but read the whole thing, its a friggin' classic.
In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan published his report on the state of the black family in the United States. In that report, Mr. Moynihan's central claim was that the black family was in crisis because fathers had disappeared from the family. The Moynihan thesis has been both proved wrong and repudiated by many studies that followed his report. But, the persistence of the report's conclusions continue to carry much sway among North American conservative forces - both black and white.
No mention of the studies or what they found, but never mind.  Moynihan was WRONG.  Carry on!

Some simple homemade truths: Boys can learn from women how to be men (both ethical and moral). Many of us have done so. Boys need fathers and other males in their lives, but if those males choose to model forms of machismo and patriarchal masculinities, those boys would have not learned much beyond the violence that constitutes hegemonic masculinity. Finally, if fatherhood was the panacea to this problem of violence, neglect and social decay, we could simple[y] ask for volunteers to fill the void and solve the problem.

What was most troubling about the editorial was its call for a black patriarchy without naming it as such. Since the first outbreak of the violence, some black preachers and others have been calling for patriarchy in blackface.

Those BASTARDS!  Carry on!

Let's be clear about a number of things: Black patriarchy already exits, it just can't exercise itself in the ways that Euro-Canadian patriarchy can - and it can't accrue the same benefits, given that black men never receive the full patriarchal dividend.

Secondly, calls for black patriarchy undermine and refuse to acknowledge that single mothers require more than piecemeal social programs to aid in the raising of their children. We need to seriously tackle the issue of well-paying jobs for the now working poor, flexible working hours so that these people can be involved in their children's lives and a range of other social reforms (all tied to serious government funding) that would contribute to stemming the social decay that requires mothers to work two and three jobs to meet the basic requirements of contemporary living standards.

"White Canadians are a bunch of racists scum, and what we need are more taxes and more social programs!  By God, let's get on that right now!!!!  D'oh, sorry I said God!"

This bit of po-mo trash brought to you by YOUR tax dollars boys and girls, through the good offices of the University of Toronto:
Rinaldo Walcott is an associate professor and Canada Research Chair of Social Justice and Cultural Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.
I pay this idiot's salary.  Liberals must be removed from positions like this and rehabilitated into usefull, productive citizens once more.  I think Rinaldo here could use a nice course in welding and two years of work at a shipyard or something.  The pay would probably be better too.

The Hegemonically Masculine Phantom

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