Sunday, December 04, 2005

Speilberg's hopes for new movie.

From Drudge today, a snippet of interview with Steven Spielberg about his new movie.  The title is: SPIELBERG HOPES MOVIE CAN BREAK MID-EAST STALEMATE.

Big head much, Steven?

Truth is, I bet Spielberg is hoping and praying that this 70 million buck movie can make up some ground he lost with War of the Worlds. 

I admit it, I rented the bloody thing the other day and fast-forwarded through most of it.  Nice special effects as usual, but damn it was boring!  Casting Tom Cruise as a caring father?  BWAHAHA!!!!!  Not!  That little girl carried it, as much as one kid can carry a movie which wasn't far.  Tommy boy just ran around being pretty.

Pitiful is what it was.  I can't imagine what these big movie guys are thinking, when they've got 200 million bucks or more riding on a flick, and they are sitting there in the screening room with Spielberg, and falling asleep because its so stunningly boring.  Wouldn't you turn to the guy who's spending millions and millions of your dollars and say "Steven, what the hell?!  This is boring, man!  FIX IT!"

Truly, Hollyweird.  They deserve bankruptcy.

The Phantom Philm Critic.

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