Monday, August 29, 2005

Oooh, official concern! Wow!

The complete lack of action by the Federal Liberals since 2001 on the issue of immigration, such as failing to identify known criminals that Canada has both jailed and  punted back to Jamaica TWICE and letting them in a third time, would seem to indicate a complete lack of concern that immigrants to Canada might travel to the USA and maybe blow something up there. 

Not so, my friends!  I spotted this report at NealNews, aparently there is great concern in cabinet that bad people might go to the USA from the glorious Great White North and do bad things there.

MONTREAL (AFP) - A senior Canadian minister reportedly expressed fears that Canada could be used by terrorists as a base from which to launch attacks on the United States.

"My greatest fear ... is that we will be used as a springboard for a new attack against the United States," Minister of Transport Jean Lapierre said in an interview with the local newspaper La Presse.

"If that happens, of course there would be the shock of the attack. But the consequences for Canada would be worse than anything we have ever seen," Lapierre said, adding that the United States would likely close its border in such an event.

"If there is anything which prevents me from sleeping sometimes, it is this fear. We have a responsibility and, if that ever happens, the consequences will be dramatic. It would last several years," the minister said.

I suspect Mr. Lapierre's sleep is disturbed more by his fears of what an investigation into his ministry would uncover than his fears of the damage to Canada that would ensue from a closed border.  No doubt Romanian strippers figure prominently in his nightmares.

But it is nice to know he cares.  ~:D

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