Monday, August 29, 2005

Lessons not to be learned by Liberals, Torontonians, or the media.

With the latest spate of shootings in Toronto (not to mention other cities across Canada, which the media never seems to) it can be surmised that the hated, two billion dollar gun registry isn't living up to the hype. Thoughtful individuals will not find this surprising, but Liberals and their supporters seem to.

The Edmonton Sun opines thus:
We have armies of bureaucrats shuffling paper to and fro to make sure that everything related to guns in this country is all very above-board and law-abiding.

So there can't possibly be any gun violence in Canada!

OK, we made our point. There is still lots of gun violence in Canada, and the gun registry hasn't done a single thing to stop it.

And it's not like we'd ever wish daytime street shootings on anyone, but surely the irony of the latest spate of gunplay to plague Toronto - where shootings have become almost a daily occurrence - is not lost on people. The gun registry was originally put in place by the Liberals to placate urban Ontario voters. And who is currently being terrorized by rampant gun violence? Torontonians.

There's a lesson here to be learned, but neither Toronto voters nor the Liberal party is going to learn it.

So what's the lesson? That registering the guns of normal citizens will not reduce crime? That the Customs agents have trouble finding small metal objects hidden in among the billions of tons of cargo and millions of cars that cross the border daily? That the Liberal government screwed up with this registry thing and spent too much money?

Back in late 1994, when then-justice minister Allan Rock first unveiled the gun-control program, he declared, "This tough new gun-control program will improve public safety and also send a strong message that the criminal misuse of guns will not be tolerated."

Eleven years later, the Liberals are suddenly worried about gun crime because Toronto has been blitzed by gun violence. In a more sane country, Toronto would realize that the gun registry has been exposed as an expensive waste of money and would punish the Liberals for lying to them by voting them out. And the Grits would shut down their useless registry and put the money into actual police officers fighting crime.

I have to disagree with the editorial here. That Alan Rock was lying about the effectiveness of the registry and that the Liberals deserve to be booted out for wasting all that money is NOT the lesson. That's because Torontonians think the registry is a good idea even if it has zero effect on crime.

The true lesson to be learned is the nature of the Liberal Party. Canada back in the 1970's did not have a crime problem. Toronto had a population of maybe two million and had maybe ten murders a year. Shootings on the street were unheard of. Fast forward through 30+ years of Liberal rule, and we still don't have much of a crime problem in Canada EXCEPT in Toronto. There the Liberals have created a Mecca of socialist thought. They have arranged the justice system and the police force into a perfect copy of New York City back in the late 1970's when there were six murders a day.

The first lesson is not that the Liberals did that, it is that they did it DELIBERATELY. On purpose, as it were. The gun registry is their answer to the situation they have created.

The gun registry has a three fold purpose:
A) Window dressing to take attention away from the abysmal state of the justice apparatus and point it towards creeeepy gun owners (who don't vote Liberal!) thereby providing them with a whipping boy AND an opportunity to be seen Doing Something To Control Crime.
B) Punishment for the sportsmen and self reliant types for resisting the Liberal Way (by not voting Liberal) and creation of dependency on government for basic safety by everybody else.
C) Providing a huge tub of money to spread around amongst the Liberal loyalists and hangers on. You can buy a lot of friends with a couple billion bucks. Adscam points the way.

Note that one of the purposes of the registry is NOT to control crime. Its a propaganda tool, an ATM with no daily cash limit and a method to control the enemies of the regime. That'd be us, just to make it plain enough for Toronto readers.

That's the second lesson, the Liberals are not interested in the welfare of the average schlep in Toronto. If they were they'd fix the immigration situation (can you say Jamaican gangs? How about Russian gangs?), fix the smuggling, fix the revolving door at the jail and allow Joe Average Schlep to defend himself against armed bandits. Why don't they do the obvious and fix these things? They want some crime to make Torontonians scared enough that they won't vote Conservative, but that's not the major issue. Fixing real government shortfalls doesn't give them any good opportunities to steal.

That's not a cynical statement, that's an observation of the facts kids. In this modern age it is impossible to waste two billion dollars on a computer system by accident. 20 million ok, hell even 200 million maybe, but two thousand million dollars? It is instructive in this regard that Sheila Frazer still hasn't got proper accounting numbers for the registry, and Conservative MPs are stonewalled at every turn by Cabinet, by the RCMP, by Customs and etc. as they try to find out what's happening.

To recap, the Liberals have deliberately created a situation of social emergency for the express purpose of stealing tax money and staying in power through fear. That's lessons one and two. Lesson three is the big media is in on it with them. They couldn't sell the obvious stupidity of something like the gun registry if Big Media wasn't in their corner.

You can't read a newspaper story about firearms written since the 1960's that doesn't imply that there's something not quite right about people who own guns. Many come right out and say gun owners are dangerous lunatics. Guns are implements of destruction, killers of the innocent, they have evile powers of compulsion that will turn a normal teenager into a murdering lunatic on a rampage. People can't be trusted with guns, they might shoot somebody! The gun registry is a Good Thing, its just too expensive. Banning guns altogether is probably a better move, eh? Cheaper, um hum.

This "guns are bad!" thing is an article of faith with media people. They believe it they way they believe in global warming and Medicare. You can't talk to them rationally about it, its religious. The Liberals of course have been quick to use this to their advantage. They get a free ride in the Star, the Globe and even the National Post by mouthing the right platitudes. I leave it to the reader to decide whether this confluence of interests is merely serendipity or if it may be enhanced by Liberal favors.

There you have it, the three lessons. This stuff isn't complicated, just shockingly low class. Elitist socialists in the media aiding grubby scam artists in the government for mutual benefit, at the expense of the public. So far this has kept the Liberals in power since Pierre Trudeau and allowed them to jack taxes up to the highest level in the Western world while providing really bad service. Nice set up for them, not so nice for the Rest O' Canada.

Going to be interesting to see what it takes to break this system. I'm thinking Western Separation has about the best shot. Hard to cling to power when half the country is pulling out.

The Phantom

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