Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Further to "Official Concern", small wonder they're worried!

This is just too rich.  We read that Transport Minister Jean Lapierre is all concerned about immigration and maybe terrorists attacking the USA across the border.  Well, I'm glad he gives a shit, because the Immigration Minister has THIS situation running in his department.  (Way to go Angry In The Great White North for digging this steaming nugget out of the Liberal manure pile.)

News today of a complaint filed against York Regional Police Services Chief Armand LaBarge, who went on a tour to Israel to study anti-terrorism and law-enforcement strategies:

Tomorrow, Khaled Mouammar and a few other members of the Arab community will ask the York Regional Police Services Board to publicly apologize for approving Chief LaBarge's week-long trip to Israel in March.

''Chief LaBarge's visit to Israel will definitely reinforce the stereotype of Arabs and Muslims as terrorists,'' he wrote in a letter to David Barrow, chairman of the board.

To be fair to the chief, it is Arabs and Muslims blowing themselves and the people around them to smithereens that reinforces the stereotype.

But then Khaled Mouammar and his whole family are quite engaged in the Palestinian cause. Violently so, on occassion.

That is not to say that they don't also work in Canada's interests. Khaled and wife Mary serve, or have served, on the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, making decisions about who is a legitimate refugee claimant, and who might be trying to take advantage of the refugee system for their own ends, like Fatah or Hezbollah members looking to set up shop in Canada.

Angry did some digging it seems, and discovered that this guy, his wife and their adult children are seriously into the Palestine biz.  Let the Jews swim to Greece kind of thing.

That's a sample of who our Immigration department has minding the store.  No wonder Jean Lapierre can't sleep at night.

The Phantom

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