Monday, August 05, 2019

El Paso vs. Chicago vs. Kyoto vs. Hong Kong

Dear Lefties and other assorted idiots. I'm going to try to make this as simple as I can for you.

Every time some white guy shoots more than one person in the USA, the news media goes into tear-jerker overdrive. Dayton Ohio and El Paso Texas, plus the garlic festival in California. White men with serious mental health issues, running amok with firearms in gun-free zones. New wrinkle, the on-line manifesto. I'm not linking to it, I won't give the sickos a free click. DuckDuckGo is your friend.

Nobody in media or government was screaming when Chantell Grant,and Andrea Stoudemire got killed while standing on a street corner in Chicago, attending a peacful anti-violence demonstration. That was a week ago, give or take. Down the memory hole, double quick.

And lets compare today's breathless gun control rhetoric with an atrocity in another nation, the attack on Kyoto Animation Studio. 33 dead, 35 injured, by one nut with a jug of gasoline and a lighter. This one lone diseased individual killed more people than the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, and more than any of the much celebrated American nutjobs.

Oddly there are no politicians screaming for lighter control, or gasoline control. Because that would be IDIOTIC, wouldn't it? Anyone can get gasoline, any time. Right? Just the same as anyone can get a gun any time.

So really, none of this is about public safety. Nor do any of the petty pontiffs out there pontificating about Gun Free Zones believe even for a single second that it will work. Because its an idiotic idea.

Let's turn our eyes to Hong Kong to see what it is actually about. A million people turned out into the streets to tell their government to fuck off a few weeks ago. Hong Kong is famously an island of gun-free civilization in the middle of the warlike craziness that is Asia. Given to the PRC by the Brits in 1997, the people were not thrilled and are less thrilled now. They've gone on strike. Peacefully, because they don't have any GUNS in Hong Kong. Even the cops don't carry them except in special squads.

What's building up on the border with the People's Republic? The Chinese People's Liberation Army, that's what. Tanks, troops, the lot. In the coming days or weeks, I expect the PLA will roll over Hong Kong like a lawnmower, and the body count will be really something.

They'll be able to operate with complete impunity and do anything they want because the people of Hong Kong have been disarmed for a very long time.

That's why socialists like gun control.

The Phantom


sykes.1 said...

Actually, Hong Kong is legally part of the People's Republic of China. The so-called border is merely administrative. The people there are about to get a hard reminder of who governs Hong Kong.

The delusion that Hong Kong was a democracy is pretty strong. But it never was, not even under the Brits. Still, the residents had a nice run of being ignored. Not anymore.

jimf said...

Well said.