Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gun Control: doomed to repeat history?

It appears that the kids at that Parkland high school didn't get much out of their history classes.

I've seen this somewhere before, haven't I?

Before you break out the hammer and nails to crucify me, I'm not saying the kids are Literally Hitler. I'm not a leftist, after all. I know their choice of armbands wasn't intentional and they're copying student hippies from the '60s. Alls I'm saying is a group of armband-clad underaged lemmings marching in the name of big government isn't the best look, regardless of their intentions.

People on the Left conveniently forget that everything they are championing with gun control was pioneered by the Nazi Party in Germany. That's not hyperbole, that is an inconvenient historical fact.

Stay classy, Lefties.

The Phantom

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