Friday, December 15, 2017

Socialist Dementia of Camels: an example.

Cameltoe Flopatron hits another goofball out of the... well no, more of a swing and a miss.

He begins thus:

I’m inherently suspicious of anything and everything Rupert Murdoch does. If Murdoch is behind something then it is safe to assume that he wants ordinary people coming out worse in the deal and that somehow he is trying to make the world a shittier place. That doesn’t mean he always succeeds or that everything with “Fox” or even “News Corporation” written on it is cursed like some artefact from an RPG.

 That's really big of you, Floppy. Not-cursed is magnanimous, I'm sure everyone will agree.

I don’t know what the full implications of that are but “Murdoch controls less’ sounds partly like good news, whereas “Murdoch ends up as the biggest shareholder in Disney” sounds like bad news. Of course, Disney only sounds good when compared with Rupert Murdoch. The deal is another step in Disney controlling a hefty chunk of IP. It isn’t exactly monopolistic power but it is reasonable to fear one corporation having that much cultural clout.

Absolutely. Because diversity of opinion in cultural affairs is clearly disastrous, and must be avoided at all costs. 

Then Floppy talks a bunch of shit about the X-Men not fitting into the Marvel Universe, by which I assume he started reading comics since the 1990's. He missed the good ones, in other words. He comes down to the very end with this:
"Which brings me back to Disney. It was great seeing another Star Wars film yesterday and yes, I’m looking forward to Avengers: Infinity War but the obvious IP danger in Disney’s accretion disc style of aquistions is that  it will become little more than a strip mine of IP rather than a source of new ideas."

1. How is this different than Marvel Comics since 1992? The movies work because they are made from 1980's comic stories, and the shitheads who run Marvel Comics now aren't allowed to touch the movies.

2. How could it possibly be worse than Sony Pictures and whatever idiots made Fantastic Four?

3. Would it be worse than DC comics movies? Worse than the Justice League?

We don't know, he doesn't say.

He saved the best line for last. This is the true danger of a Murdoch-influenced Disney:

"If it [Disney] avoids that trap then the popularity of its properties will only enable an economic behemoth [to] bully governments and exploit its workers."

As opposed to the way Hollywood and Disney bullies governments and and exploits workers now, right? Floppy, sometimes you amaze me. For fuck sakes, man. Two words: Harvey Weinstein.

Apart from anything else, in twenty years there won't BE any workers on movies, it'll all be green-screen, motion capture and CGI. Key Grips and Focus Pullers will take their place on the unemployment line next to all the people presently working at McDonalds who will surely be fired in the next five years.

Being a socialist must really suck. All that energy expended on outrage, and not a thing to show for it.

The Phantom

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