Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Oh noes! Trouble in Lefty paradise!

Black Congressional Caucus members are whinging because Rep. John Conyers is leaving under the scarlet letter of being a perv, while whiteboi Al Franken is wearing his in the Senate.

The stunning fall of Democratic Rep. John Conyers — who resigned Tuesday amid a growing sexual-harassment scandal — has left confusion, anger, resentment and bewilderment inside the ranks of the Congressional Black Caucus, a group that Conyers helped found nearly four decades ago.

Many CBC members see a double standard at play. They won't say the treatment of Conyers is racist, necessarily — and all express strong support for his alleged victims — but they think white politicians accused of similar misconduct like Blake Farenthold, Al Franken, Roy Moore and Donald Trump get a "benefit of the doubt" that black politicians don't enjoy.

I am just sitting here with my popcorn. This is tooooo good!

The Phantom


Jonathan H said...

Have you noticed the difference in severity of accusations between Democrats and Republicans? The allegations against Moore and Trump, as afar as I can tell, as not very substantiated allegations and are virtually all consensual - the allegations against the others are MUCH more serious and an entirely different level, yet they are all conflated together.

The Phantom said...

As far as "severity" goes, most of the accusations generally are bullshit. "40 years ago Mr. Smith put his hand on my ass!" is what we're talking about in a lot of cases. Or worse, "40 years ago Mr. Jones talked me into doing it with him when I was drunk off my ass, and I feel bad!" Buyers remorse.

Some of them are genuine creepers though, and there's a lot of Lefties getting called out who apparently thought they were safe. Conyers and Franken, definitely. Those boys have been creeping, by their own admission.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

No worries folks, the Frankengroper has decided not to be raciss anymore.

Bonus: It's amazing what you can find when you clean out your attic.