Thursday, August 03, 2017

Morality is good when Communists do it.

Reversing the sleaze trend, the Grammys are looking to start awarding more wins to good, wholesome entertainment. Like Pat Boone.

The organiser of the music industry's annual Grammy Awards on Thursday said it would respect China's media curbs and only promote artists with a "positive and healthy" image, in its bid to break into the world's second-largest economy.

The Recording Academy, which is behind the Grammys, the industry's biggest awards show, plans to launch a tour in China in 2018 featuring award-winning artists, or nominees, performing live shows.

China has launched a campaign to cleanse the entertainment sector of content it deems inappropriate and unhealthy, a vague term the authorities also frequently use to justify censorship of politically sensitive topics.

"If there are restrictions and things in that nature, we have to be respectful," Neil Portnow, president and chief executive of the Recording Academy, told Reuters in Beijing, the capital.

Yeah, they have to "be respectful" because the Chicoms won't let them play, otherwise. What are they having to be respectful of, specifically?

Stars blocked from performing in China include Lady Gaga, Bjork and Bon Jovi, who have all met or expressed support for the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

Recently a Chinese state office barred Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, citing his bad behavior and urging him to improve his conduct to become a singer "truly loved" by the public.

Don't talk about the Dali Lama, and lay off the gangsta shit. I can't really argue with the guy about Bieber or Lady Gaga, but Bon Jovi?

The thing is, here's a supposedly iconic brand in American music quite openly changing its behavior to please a totalitarian regime. Will they change their behavior because an American group objects? No. If Americans object they're SQUARES, baby, and the little twerps just do it more. Bieber, seven Grammys. Next year, live sex on the awards stage! Woohoo, stick it to the squares!

But let a Communist complain? Oh yeah, they'll get right on that.

Sadly, I cannot boycott them any harder than I already am. No TV, no radio, no Top 40s music.

The Phantom

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