Thursday, August 24, 2017

John A. Mcdonald, NAZI!!!!11!

You just knew this was coming.

As U.S. legislators mull the removal of statues seen by many as painful reminders of the darker moments in American history, a similar debate is playing out in Ontario over whether public schools should bear the names of Canadian figures associated with this country's legacy around the treatment of Indigenous communities.

That debate hit the floor of a meeting by the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario days ago, ending with a resolution to urge school boards across the province to consider removing the name of Canada's first prime minister — Sir John A. Macdonald — from public schools.

What did Sir John A. ever do to deserve this?

Widely lauded as the father of Confederation, Macdonald is credited with having joined the eastern and western parts of Canada together through the creation of a transcontinental railway.

Pareja says he acknowledges Macdonald's foundational role in the country's Confederation, but that having public schools bearing his name leaves out his role in the starvation of Indigenous people along the railway to facilitate its construction — along with Macdonald's "central role as the architect of, really, what was genocide of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island."

Funny how there are still Indians all over Canada, given the genocide and all.

Sir John A. is guilty of being dead, white and there's statues of him, pretty much.

Home schooling is the future, my friends. Save your children's minds, keep them away from these loons until they're old enough to fight back.

The Phantom

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