Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Marvel comics explained.

Marvel head boy of sales was complaining his sales were down. He blamed his customers. Nerd racism, y'know.

Some other idiot chimed in. Yes, the crap comics that weren't selling got a Hugo nomination. Shocking, right?

Then we find some schmuck in Indonesia has included secret antisemitism in X-Men.

But now I think I have the answer. The Marvel comics dilemma is what happens when you let no-talent hipster douchebags play in your sandbox. The link is to an iO9 round-up of what's been happening to Captain America since they made him a Nazi.

If you're reading Marvel comics right now, then you're probably aware that while Steve Rogers has taken up the Captain America mantle once more, something is... very off. Like, "he's secretly a fascist agent of Hydra planning to get space aliens to invade the world" off. Confused? We're here to get you caught up on "Stevil" Rogers.

If, like me, you gave up on Marvel in the 1990's before Northstar was gay, I will save you some trouble with Captain America 2017: It is a confused mess of Leftist propaganda, and the art is crap. Don't spend your money, and don't bother with the i09 link.

So, if the Big Wheels at the House of Mouse want to know what to do about tanking Marvel Comic sales, it is the following:

Your VP of sales thinks his customers are a bunch of racist nerds. You should fix that.

Offshoring your artwork to third world countries will not make you any friends in the US art world, and it has more liabilities than you thought.

Contrary to your VP of Sales (did you fire that guy yet?) what your customers don't want is Captain America Agent of Hydra. Whoever green-lighted that tomfoolery is an assassin trying to poison your company.

You're welcome.

The Comic Phantom

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