Monday, April 03, 2017

Hollywood writers threaten strike!

There's a new reality coming to slap Hollywood upside its head.

"It's getting more and more difficult to make a living as a writer," said John Bowman, a TV writer-producer, and former head of the WGA negotiating committee.

Naturally, being a pack of socialist idiots, the heavily Left leaning Writers Union proposes to strike. The last time they did that was 2007.

The article is blaming the Internet and Netflix, but similar things are happening in the newspaper, book and magazine publishing. Being a Left-leaning writer of Left-leaning propaganda in print form is a shrinking business model. Newspapers are going under all the time,

There's no reason to think that movies and TV shows are any different. If nobody is watching your crap, you are not going to get paid.

The Phantom

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