Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump proposes 75% cut in regulation.

This is almost as if he'd been reading The Phantom Soapbox. Trump wants to cut business regulations by 75% or more, he says.

President Donald Trump told business leaders on Monday he believes he can cut regulations by 75 percent or "maybe more."

At the White House with 10 senior executives, he repeated his campaign pledges to roll back corporate rules, arguing that they have "gotten out of control."

Now, saying you want to do something is a long way from getting it done. But everything starts with expressing the goal. This is the right goal. CUTTING GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE.

This puts the pussy-hatted minions of George Soros into a rather stark perspective. Here's Trump The Scoundrel, and what he's talking about is cutting the size and scope of the US federal government. Increasing personal freedom.

That's what the pussy-hats are afraid of. They do not want you to have more personal freedom. You are an idiot. You must be controlled. That's their message.

Message received.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

The left believes we need regulations to protect them from the actions of evil corporations, and they'll tell you so on Facebook, posting from their Iphones, while sitting in Starbucks, reading the New York Times and discussing the merits of the organic, gluten-free fare at Whole Foods.

Doublethink has become the norm.

The Phantom said...

I think the Modern Left is terrified their sweet side deals and rent-seeking arrangements with all the regulations and government cruft is going to get disrupted.

The reaction of Hollywood, for example, to this new president is far beyond what they did with Regan or Bush II. They are going full Blacklist, and they're rushing propaganda movies into the pipeline right now.

There's some speculation that this might be Chinese money, but I think it is more a class of people who got rich off sweetheart deals with government. They see that threatened by a practical businessman who can see the cost of their sweetheart deals, and they're freaking out.

Another example is foodstamp fraud. That's got to be a billion-dollar industry, and it is centered on the soft drink manufacturers. They've got a lot of pull, right?

Another example is the illegal drug trade in large US cities. That turns out to be all about commercial real estate, weirdly enough. Somebody charges those little drug dealer bodegas HUGE rent, so much rent that no legit business could afford it. Lots of mega-rich people in Chicago and NYC are keeping those places the way they are, quite deliberately. All nicely insulated by REITs and real estate corporations of course, but that's how it is.

These are the same fuckers who own the MSM. That's how everything stayed stuck this long, nobody could buck them.

This shit has been going on since the 1930's, it isn't going to stop without a fight. Everyone was afraid to start the fight. Until now.

Finally, some rodeo clown recognized the opportunity to use the situation to his advantage. That's where we are, IMHO. Trump ran against the MSM and won, because everybody hates them like poison.