Monday, January 30, 2017

More Liberal tolerance: beatings at airports.

Week Two of the Trump Apocalypse, and Liberals are behaving as usual: beating anybody who dares to disagree.

It the video you can tell it was ten on four… Ten thugs against four Trump supporters.
You can see them CHASE DOWN and BEAT the Trump Supporters.

The leftist mob start screaming at the man has he lay unconscious on the ground!

They were screaming, "That's right Nazi boy!" as the man lay on the ground!

This is getting to be pretty standard procedure lately. Guy shows up someplace wearing the wrong hat, a bunch of self-righteous assholes beat him unconscious. Also as usual, the 'security' personnel on hand seem singularly useless. Almost as if they weren't trying very hard, you know?

Now, this will lead to one of two outcomes. The unlikely outcome, Trump supporters and other, regular people will stop wearing Trump hats, and will hide from the edgelord SJW retards in public.

The likely outcome, some serious asskickings as Trump supporters start taking the SJWs as more than a bad joke. That will spread, and pretty soon showing up with an anti-Trump hat will earn you an instant beating.

Neither outcome is desirable, nor civilized. I'd expect better, but this is the Left we're talking about, and their comeuppance is looooong overdue.

The Deplorable Phantom


Alyric said...

They don't even see it, do they?

First it was the guy who started beating on Scott Baio (for supporting Trump) while screaming that he was a 'fucking fascist', now it's a group of men beating people unconscious and continuing to scream that their victims are Nazis after they've been knocked out.

Well there's a valid Nazi comparison there, but here's a hint: It wasn't the Nazis being persecuted for their beliefs. If you replace the screams of 'fascist' and 'Nazi' with 'Jew', everything falls into place.

The Phantom said...

Most of these "protesters" are idiots out for a laugh on a Saturday night anyway. If they can get in a fight, it makes their whole evening.

The other ones are paid agitators. Those ones concern me a bit.

But not much. This too shall pass, like a kidney stone.