Thursday, August 18, 2016

The recent terror attack in Strathroy Ontario.

I like to wait a little while before I comment on bombings, shootings and what have you. Initial accounts are always wrong, and there are always things that the media leave out. Like this:

No officer tried to stop him heading to the home of suspected terrorist Aaron Driver, seen on a video threatening to kill Canadians that very day, Duffield said.
For the five minutes he sat in the driveway waiting for Driver, no officer stepped out to signal him or warn him.
As Driver walked out of the house, across the front of the cab and down its passenger side to the back seat, no police officer took a shot or apparently shouted at the man to stop.
Only when he started backing out the driveway did police swoop in, Duffield said.
"As I leaned over to grab the cigarettes, Boom!, there goes the bomb," Duffield said.
"If I hadn't leaned over to grab that pack of cigarettes, I probably wouldn't be talking to you today. It was that seat and those cigarettes that saved my ass, no cop."

There's a picture of the back seat of the car, I got it at Blazing Cat Fur. I very much doubt there was any need to shoot that Aaron Driver kid.

 He was lunchmeat after that device went off, but they aired him out anyway, just to be sure. Very fucking heroic, right?

But this is my very favorite part right here:

A victim of a terrorism attack, Duffield said he had to find his own way from the scene.
He got a ride from his boss's son to the cab office to get his own car and drove home, Duffield said.

The guy has just been in a high-energy enclosed explosion, and no ambulance? Not even a fucking ride home in a cop car? Really?

But apparently there is somebody, somewhere in the RCMP, who has a brain:

Later that evening, two police officers came to his door and told him the bomb squad advised he go to the hospital to check for internal injuries because of the explosion.
Police took him to hospital, stayed with him and brought him back home with no apparent internal injuries.

Somebody, most likely a lawyer, realized if the cab driver bled out from a puncture that night it would look really bad for the RCMP, especially after they got the guy blown up in the first place.

The cherry on top is that the RCMP only knew about little Aaron Driver and his plan to blow shit up because they got a call from the FBI. You know, in America. Another country, like.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Nope. Call 911 and die, people. Now shut up and get back to paying your taxes, assholes.
The Phantom

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