Sunday, August 21, 2016

More progressive pants-wetting: replica guns at conventions.

This is just too unicorns and rainbows to let slip by:

Why the Hell Was There a Gun Seller at a Wizard World?

Yeah, you heard right. There was a freaking gun retailer at a comic convention. But, it didn't last long.
DS Arms, a gun manufacturer with a Chicago-area factory showroom, had its gun replica booth shut down at Wizard World Chicago on Thursday, less than two hours after setting up. According to the Chicago Tribune, people were complaining that it was wrong for a real gun maker to have a booth—even if it was only selling fake guns.
While, yes, the guns were replicas and DS Arms says it makes props for Hollywood, this booth didn't appear to be just about giving Commander Shepard cosplayers suitable weaponry. According to the Tribune, the booth was also promoting gun and safety classes, and DS Arms owner Dave Selvaggio himself said it was also about giving attendees information about real guns.

Yeah! Because "giving attendees information about real guns," man, that is just too much! I can't even!

Meanwhile, half the booths at the show sell swords, maces, hatchets, knives, and fake guns. But pretend fake guns, not REAL fake guns, holy crap!

And you little hipster tools wonder why we piss in your cornflakes every chance we get. Seriously, fuck off boys.

The Phantom

Update! A face and a name to the previously unknown "people were complaining" horse shit.

Matt Santori-Griffith., the editor of Comicosity and "feminist beardo".
Quoted from his twitter feed: "I’m an exceptionally proud queer, Jewish, anti-gun, feminist, anti-racist, social justice warrior."

I'd agree with that, Matt. But you forgot a word at the end. That should read: " proud queer, Jewish, anti-gun, feminist, anti-racist, social justice warrior, asshole."

Looking down his Twitter feed, it seems Mr. Santori-Griffith suffers from an affliction common among New Puritan SJWs. The crippling fear that someone, somewhere, is enjoying himself.


Alyric said...

They were promoting gun safety? GUN SAFETY?

LE GASP! The horror! Someone bring my fainting couch, I've been triggered! Oh gods, guns have triggers, I've been double-triggered!

Honestly, you can't even parody these people anymore. This is why you don't interfere with natural selection by childproofing things.

The Phantom said...

You should read the link. The outrage fairly boils off the page.