Thursday, May 19, 2016

Harassment 2016: any casual comment.

Here's what it takes to get branded a "harasser" and get banned from a sci-fi con for five years these days.

From the Victim's blog, the evidence:

A guy carrying some chainmail noticed our sad little faces and asked if we were lost. Grateful, we admitted that we were looking for the con's sign-in desk. He pointed us in the right direction.

And then shit got real.
He lifted his arms to better display his chainmail and we realized he was an artist looking to sell his wares.

I said, "That's cool."

And it really was pretty.

Worthless in battle, obviously made for a thin, scantily-clad woman, and clearly something for cosplay.

But very pretty nonetheless.

"I'd wear that," I added.

That balding, pony-tailed dude didn't miss a beat as he pointed at Rachel and said,

"Yeah, but it would look better on her."

Ouch, man.

Just because it's true didn't mean you had to say it.

Rachel and I were both so flabbergasted at the man's cluelessness that we just fumbled goodbyes and moved along down the hallway.

In one smooth move, he had insulted me and objectified Rachel.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Except she didn't laugh, she went and complained to the con management. Who then found that the above interaction violated their "harassment policy" and in due course named, shamed and banned the individual. His name is now being bandied about the interwebz as a "serial harasser", apparently other women have complained he did things similar to what is stated above.

 I do not know these people, any of them. I did not attend the con in question. I was privy to no other information than what is stated above. Maybe some other interactions than this were involved, maybe there's history, I don't know. There were allegations to that effect on other sites but, surprise, nothing was really said.
Based on this information, that's bullshit. You pique a woman's vanity, you get banned for five years? That my friends is a bridge too far.

It makes me really want to go to such a convention, for the warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere... not.

In other news, men wearing dresses will be allowed to use the women's bathroom. Anyone who objects will be charged with a hate crime and go to jail.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

The mentality behind this kind of person is fascinating:

"Just because it's true didn't mean you had to say it.

Rachel and I were both so flabbergasted at the man's cluelessness(...)"

So first, the 'artist' made a statement that this person AGREES is true. In spite of that, he somehow gets offended by it even though he ADMITS that the person who made the statement didn't realize he'd offended them - which obviously means it was not INTENDED to offend - but then goes and complains about 'harassment'.

I don't think that word means what they think it means.

The Phantom said...

Deja poo, I've seen this shit before. Typical cry-bully, any interaction that doesn't go exactly how they want, they tattle to the teacher. Probably nice and sweet to chain mail guy too.