Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How stupid are Canadian journalists?

So stupid they are doubling down on the same Liberal Party love-fest they've been having for the last 70 years, while they circle the Great White Bowl of corporate bankruptcy.

It's been a dismal start to the year for Canada's newspapers, and investors see little sign of a turnaround.
Postmedia Network Canada Corp., owner of many of the country's newspapers, announced in January it was merging newsrooms in cities where it has two papers, eliminating dozens of jobs. Torstar Corp., publisher of the country's largest circulation paper, closed its printing plant and fired 300. Rogers Media, a unit of Rogers Communications Inc., fired 200 people. The 149-year-old Guelph Mercury shut down its print edition. Some publishers are even suggesting government support is necessary. And that was just in January.
"We're seeing a further cratering of the daily press," Ken Doctor, an independent media analyst at Santa Cruz, California-based Newsonomics, said by phone."The toll that all these years of losses in print advertising has taken is now deadening the enterprises."

Two things are happening, in my estimation. First, people are not getting their news from the papers anymore, because the papers LIE. They lie about every important issue in our society. They lie by ignoring things that are vital for us to know about, they lie by covering shit that doesn't matter at all, and finally they tell actual untruths about the stories they do cover.

Second, because people are getting their news from more reliable sources, print ads are no longer effective. People don't see them.

These are not new things. They've been in motion for twenty years now. The larger media out there has been playing ostrich.

Not one existing media company has questioned The Deal they made with the Liberals back in the 1930's. The Faustian bargain that has set the course of this country since the Great Depression is finally coming apart due to social upheaval, government following policies that are destroying Canada and new technology creating competition for the public's eyeball time.

Clearly, the Big Media Buggywhip manufacturers are going to ride The Deal down in flames. Because they are -stupid-.

Faster, please!

Update: Welcome to all you Small Dead Animals flying monkeys, and thanks for the linkage Kate!


Bird of Paradise said...

Most journalists are nothing but leftists propegandists they no longer tell us the news just the usial liberal lies

Anonymous said...

More information about the 'The Deal' you speak of?

denis miller said...

who in their right mind believes anything the MSM prints? I gave up on them over 30 years ago. Even the TO Sun has gone down the crapper and I haven't bought a copy since they got taken over by the leftists.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to believe that people are abandoning print media because they're fed up with the bias and misinformation ... but that would be giving too much credit to people's critical thinking. Most people are simply tuned out from everything around them ... until it bites, that is.

No, print is dying because people don't READ anymore: they watch TV, they watch YouTube ... and that other great source of information: Facebook.

Even bloggers should be aware of this problem: it may be more interactive, but it's still READING. In an age of constant video feeds and instant gratification, even bloggers will see their readership decline.

The Phantom said...

Anonymous said...

"More information about the 'The Deal' you speak of?"

Yes, that would be the deal where Justin Trudeau gets a free pass from the media during an election because he's the Liberal candidate, and Harper is Satan.

That would be the deal where anything that happens is Harper's fault even though he's out of power, and Justin Trudeau has really nice hair.

That would be the deal where all tax cuts are bad and all tax increases are good, because EVIL CORPORATIONS!!!! and RICH FAT CATS!!!1!

That deal. The one you don't notice because it's been in force since before McKenzie King, and we've never seen anything different. The one you only notice when you move to a foreign country, and suddenly it's gone.

Alan said...

It seems that some ink-stained wretches are finally realizing that they ARE competing in the same space with the CBC for news/opinion eyeballs.

After decades of support and defense of the CBC, private newsrooms are coming to see that the same stories they cover and opine on are covered by the CBC, who has the added benefit of subsidization to the tune of over $1,000,000,000.

The big news aggregators in Canada are full of CBC stories, right alongside similar stories from private news orgs.

The CBC will likely have their Harper-cut funding restored and augmented, while Global, CTV, TorStar, Postmedia, etc. will have to make do with less and less (people and money).

KevinB said...

The press doesn't even need Orwell's 'memory hole' any more, because people are too stupid or lazy to look things up, even though that's easier than ever.

Look at Syria and Assad. Back in the 1970-80's, Assad's father ran a pragmatic centrist gov't - he intervened in Lebanon in '76 on the side of the Lebanese Christians, and against the Palestinians and Muslim groups. In response, the usual gang of suspects - Saudi's, Qatar, etc. - started funding Sunni opposition groups in Syria, which Assad Sr. put down repeatedly and brutally. (PET did the same to the FLQ, I note.) Here's a description of the Assad's Baath party program:
"Syria has been governed by the Arab nationalist Baath Party since 1963. The Baath regime combined Arab Socialism with secular ideology and an authoritarian political system. The constitution guarantees religious freedom for every recognized religious communities, including many Christian denominations. All schools are government-run and non-sectarian, although there is mandatory religious instruction, provided in Islam and/or Christianity. Political forms of Islam are not tolerated by the government."

But all we hear about today is Assad the butcher, the chemical weapons used, etc. etc. We should have been supporting Assad in his fight against the Islamists; instead, because he cozies up to Russkis as well as the West, the microencephaletics in the US State Dept/CIA/NSA/whatever decided "Assad had to go", and the Western MSM has gone full retard in their support.

The most important thing to me in my daily paper these days is the Cryptic Crossword.

The Phantom said...

Excellent points all, you guys. These days I'm forced to assume more than half the opinion and "news" I read is bullshit, and the larger problem is that I can't tell which half.

Example, Kate's been covering the CSA scandal. That was a legitimate scandal that the Conservatives SHOULD have been raked over the coals for by the media, until they fixed it. In a sane world it would have been on the front page day after day.

Where's the -only- place we hear about the CSA? Small Dead Animals. Papers, TV and radio are not even reliably partisan. They ignore legit scandals to focus on WaferGate. Or as Kathy Shaidle likes to style it, Wafer-quiddick.

E.R. said...

On some of the simplest incidents in my career the media has either lied, not done its diligence in investigation, or just dialed in a story. I have no idea what they're even teaching journalism students because the poor kids can't even spell. There hasn't been much investigative journalism in Canada for a long time now. The main stream press is so compromised and politically correct , it's killing them. .

Unknown said...

Phantom, well said, and faster is right.

Ken (Kulak) said...

That last Unknown was me.

The Phantom said...

Hi Ken! :)

Jamie MacMaster said...

Yup. They pulled their own flush chain. It's funny to see all the useless, lying, biased turds, all swirling around, getting fewer by the day as they ride the spiral down.

fernstalbert said...

The MSM are cheerleaders for downtown Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. If it ain't news there, it doesn't exist. The media demonized the Conservatives and worked hard to get JT elected - now they are collateral damage. Looks good on them!!!